WordCamp Atlanta Communicates on Slack

Thank you so much for being an important member of our community! With so many people helping out, we needed a new way to for everyone to be able to communicate. This year, we are using Slack. Slack is like IM for the 21st century. It facilitates conversation, but eliminates the headaches of email.

Sign up for our team here. You can download the desktop or mobile app here. You can adjust how you receive notifications in the settings option.

Teams Vs. Channels

  • Teams: A group of people with a common mission, like attendees, organizers, and volunteers for an event. Slack accounts are at the team level. This means that if you want to join another team, you have to create a second account. You can switch between teams online and on your mobile app.
  • Channels: Separate “rooms” where members of a team can have conversations that may not be relevant to the entire team, but are still searchable by everyone.
  • Private channels: Just like regular channels, yet they are by invitation only and are not searchable by anyone outside the team. If you aren’t invited to a private channel, you won’t see it in your dashboard.

Direct Messages (DMs) and Group DMs are private conversations that are visible and to those involved in the conversation. Try to limit the use of these since the information in these conversations are not searchable by the whole team. These function sort of like temporary private channels.

Our Slack team is where you can get your WordCamp Atlanta questions answered and start getting to know the community. I look forward to seeing you there.