See You In 2018!


We really appreciate all the awesome speakers, sponsors, and volunteers that made WordCamp Atlanta possible. And we appreciate everyone who attended for making the event such a rich and worthy success. Plus it was fun, right?

With Wordcamps in over 200 cities all around the world, you’re part of a pretty special community. Because everyone who makes the effort to attend Wordcamps and local meetups has something to offer, and something to learn. Think of it as open source education, run by people, not institutions.

Throughout the WP community, that wealth of creativity and intelligence has generated all kinds of profitable partnerships, as well as ongoing chances to get better at what we do. And it turns out that when we love what we do, work is kinda fun.

Until next time, look into those ideas and resources that you jotted down at the sessions. Watch for the session videos on And re-connect with the sponsors and other folks that you chatted with. Because you never know where it will lead.

And we’ll see you next spring. If you’ve been inspired to get up and speak next time about your area of expertise, we look forward to hearing what you have to say. If you’d like to get more involved by volunteering, we’d love to have you on the team.

In the end, finding your pot of gold in WordPress is all about connecting and learning. It’s about reaching out to a colorful rainbow of new possibilities. It’s about having a voice online, and making a living. And, yeah, it’s  about having a little fun along the way.

Welcome Back for the Final Day of WordCamp Atlanta

Are you smarter than you were a day or two ago? Between the WordCamp sessions, and simply exchanging thoughts with other folks in the lobby and at the after-party, you’ve probably picked up more than you realize. Today’s the last day to absorb the kinds of ideas, insights and information that always makes WordCamp Atlanta such an amazing experience.

Have you visited the Sponsors’ tables yet? Stop by to see which companies might be a perfect fit for you, and make sure you collect their contact info.

In fact, grab the contact info of anyone you’ve connected with at WordCamp, so you can link up later for future possibilities.

And don’t forget to check out the Happiness Bar where really sharp people are offering their expertise for free. Bring that pesky issue that’s been making you bang your head against the desk.

Have you been following the conversation on Twitter? You’ll find it at #WCATL. Offer your thoughts today, or your feedback after the conference is over.

In the months to come, let’s keep the energy, the conversations, and the connections going at WordPress Meetups in Metro Atlanta (or whatever city you happen to live near). In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the learning never ends.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the Wrap-Up Session at 4pm in the Ballroom. See you then!













Kids Camp!

Saturday, 10:00AM–4:30PM
Amphitheater Upstairs

WordCamp parents can now usher in the next generation of WordPress builders at KidsCamp! Parents attending WordCamp can bring their junior WordPressers along and enjoy a day of parent-child learning under the tutelage of some of our WordPress Developers!

These special kid-friendly lessons will introduce your child to the wonderful world of WordPress and help them learn or improve upon WordPress development, design, and use skills! After the day is complete, your child will leave with their very own site up and running!

Interested WordPress parents or guardians will need to have a ticket for Saturday attendance purchased before signing up their junior builders. Parents are responsible for staying at the venue during KidsCamp, and may choose to attend KidsCamp sessions. Each child will need his or her own laptop to work on.

Each KidsCamp ticket provides your junior builder with lunch, a morning and afternoon snack, and full access to the day’s lessons. We are accepting children from ages 7 to 14 to participate in these special lessons and spots are limited to only 50 students (not including their parental sponsors).

Ready to start your child out on their own WordPress project? KidsCamp tickets will go on sale with the general admission tickets. Also, if you have an older child ready to learn some advanced topics, they are welcome to join us for the full sessions and workshops with a regular ticket!

Troy Dean of WP Elevation is Coming from Australia to Give the Keynote!

Troy Dean is the co-founder of WP Elevation, the world’s largest business community for WordPress consultants and freelancers. He is also the co-founder of RockStar Empires, an online education platform that helps entrepreneurs use the Internet to scale their businesses. He is a proud university dropout, and freaking loves the Internet.

Troy is also a voice-over artist, singer and guitar player. He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, who runs a psychology podcast on WordPress, and his dog Lucy, who is more of a Drupal kinda gal.

Troy’s keynote topic for WordCamp Atlanta will be Seven Figures from Scratch: How I used the Internet (and WordPress) to build a seven-figure a year business with no money in the bank. He’ll be touching on freelancing, client services, digital products, online courses and building communities.

Back in 2007 Troy built his own CMS as part of a website assignment for a client. Even he admits it was pretty clunky. Then a friend of a friend turned him on to WordPress. He resisted at first, but after he tried it, WordPress became his tool of choice.

To help his clients manage and edit the WP sites he built, he created a 100-page tutorial with careful instructions and screen shots. A friend, impressed with the effort, suggested turning it into video tutorials, and that’s what Troy did. Then he built a site so people could sign up for the continually-updated videos. Eventually, that turned into WP Elevation.

Today, The World’s Largest Business Community for WordPress Consultants is an amazing repository of genuinely smart and useful knowledge. And Troy is very happy if other people use his resources on WP Elevation to build their own success.

Troy’s immense value to the WordPress community has made him a sought-after speaker around the world. Based on his own experiences, he has developed all kinds of ideas, tips and insights, which he loves to share. Among his list of guidelines to struggling entrepreneurs, one item that recurs over and over is this simple mantra: “Don’t Quit.”